Frey was walking aimlessly through the woods, a branch resting in his hand, almost shaped like a sword.

He swung it around at random intervals, trying to relief himself of his boredom.

At this point he wasn't even sure he was heading into the right direction anymore.

The same trees seemed to repeat on his path for the last few hours.

If he didn't know any better, he might have believed he was walking in circles.

He began counting the amount of earth particles he saw on the way, strangely enough, they were distributed rather evenly, like nature had taken extra care to achieve this state.

Some time later he found a patch of elements that deviated from the norm he had gotten accustomed to seeing.

They appeared to be strewn about, hinting that something, or someone had come through here before him.

The patch turned out to be the start of an entire line of jumbled earth elements on the ground.

Frey looked past the particles and noticed the shallow footsteps left behind in the dirt.

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