Accursed Fate

Final preparations

After arriving at the capital city of Aventia, the trio, Vince, Ronny, and Bobby were enrolled into the knight-training regiment to prepare them for their future duty of protecting and assisting Frey.

Bobby and the other two were not put into prison, instead, rewarded for their bravery of taking down an Ironhoof spy, and thus aiding the search party that had been hunting for Hodwan.

Once the news of the criminal's death spread throughout the city, the spirits of the people were greatly invigorated for some days.

Taverns made record profits, and criminal activity was at an all-time low.

The citizens felt safer, once again assured of their Lord's power and capability of providing order and stability.

Details were obscured, only three people knew the entire truth, the rest was up to the imagination of the common and noble folk.

For Frey this was the beginning of the most intense training yet.

Cykrus held the reins of his schedule, designating times for him to study runes, others for practical training, some for strategy, and to improve Frey's mindset.

Agnes had successfully given Frey a baseline of knowledge, even though she was lacking in terms of teaching qualities, upon which Cykrus was able to extend.

Frey noticed a vast difference between the amount he could learn, now that someone of the same element took to teaching him.

He felt an additional improvement in his spell-wielding after his discovery of his connection to the particles of his surroundings.

His days were taxing, with little free time to himself, but he actually preferred this state.

He couldn't worry and overthink, if there was no time to do so in the first place.

Whatever lay ahead of him, he would face it.

Lord Cykrus' approvement gave him an incredible boost in motivation, coupled with his desire of revenge being fulfilled, he felt like he could achieve anything.

Frey believed that his family, the people of his village, and whoever else Hodwan had brought misfortune upon had been brought to peace.

Months passed by in a flash, Frey continued to live like a pretty flower in a greenhouse, shut off from the outside world, but he did not mind.

He took pleasure in his alone time and understood that this training was the build-up to the most important event of his life.

Though Cykrus wanted to prepare Frey as best he could, not a single drop of information got leaked in regard to the competition, and whatever it entailed.

Many highly paid informants kept a close eye on the movements of the other participating families, and they appeared to be none the wiser.

Which was a good thing, as no one would get to have an unfair advantage over anyone else, but the amount of secrecy this implied was unthinkable.

Humans are prone to succumb to bribes or threats, both of which were very likely already attempted, but even then, no results.

The only piece of information that managed to spread to all of the participants, and pretty much everyone else who held a modicum of interest regarding politics and power, was that the election process of His Majesty's successor would also start around the same time as the competition.

The election process was a tradition that continued throughout the ages: the current rulers' heirs would be presented with a span of time, in which their only goal was to amass wealth, supporters, influence, and most importantly... strength!

By the end of the deadline His Majesty would have to decide which of his heirs is eligible to succeed him and become the new ruler.

His Majesty's bias plays a huge role in the deciding factor, but time has shown that him deciding alone might not be the best path for the future, as such, there is a select council that holds rights to vote.

These people usually consisted of the royal advisors, strategists, the most influential families who were of royal blood, and obviously the strongest of mages.

Frey too received lectures on some of these, after all he was going to travel to the royal capital where the competition would take place.

... ...

A circular table with seven seats was once again only partially filled, five of the seven were occupied.

The red-haired woman, Silvana, Simon, and Charles were all present, with the addition of another member.

Charles slammed his fist onto the table, his other hand held onto a white piece of paper, whose contents held a situation report on several topics.

Simon chuckled at the sight,

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