Accursed Fate

Old friends and older enemies

Frey and Marv were trekking through the swamp-like ecosystem of the plane, surrounded by tall trees, reaching high up into the sky.

Even if there was a sun in this world, the ground would still be covered in shadows.

Their surroundings were nearly pitch black, but like Kassan had explained, they encountered many of the 'Delightful Death' fruits, without them, they would have had a much harder time avoiding the murky green water.

From the water rose a thin veil of fog, almost like steam, hinting that the liquid was warm, perhaps even hot, but neither of them dared to make any physical contact.

Both of them felt two pairs of eyes rest on them at all times.

Although their observers kept their distance from them, it was never to the point where Frey and Marv felt like they were alone.

Outrunning and leaving them behind appeared to be impossible, one wrong step on their path, that consisted mostly of slippery roots, and they would likely have a bigger problem than a lack of privacy.

Roughly two hundred meters around the main outpost had been cleared of vegetation, the flow of water blocked off with big stones, but beyond that point nature once again reigned supreme.

Whenever Frey observed the nature particles around him, his mind twitched.

The slithering inheritance inside of his head had calmed down, and no longer moved since he received it, but he yearned to look at it, to study it, make the contents his own, but to do that he would need a quiet and peaceful environment.

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