Accursed Fate

Deep below the surface

Cold sweat ran down Frey's back, doom lied ahead, and behind him was a problem just as big.

For now, he was at least still in a state where he could try and fight for his life, he felt that quietly obeying the three was the correct choice, but the further they descended, the closer he got to his end.

He needed a plan, and soon at that... but how could he possibly escape from a rank three mage?

The vibrations he felt from the earth's surface became stronger, to him they seemed almost as loud as the beating of his heart, which drowned out all other noise.

His skin crawled, he took smaller, shaky steps, but it made no difference, as those behind him wouldn't overtake him for any reason.

Then Frey stopped.

He gazed at the darkness ahead of him, then back at his oppressors, Plamus frowned, he inhaled, about to berate the young boy in front of him some more, but he was taken aback as that boy suddenly started to sprint out of the reach of their light!

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