Accursed Fate

A lesson in magic

Two silhouettes were trotting on a wide empty grassland, the sun stood high, fiercely striking down on the unfortunate souls that had no trees to rest beneath, entirely exposed to the sunrays and hot wind.

A young woman, accompanied by an even younger boy were walking slowly, the boy nearly frothing from his mouth, he made no attempts to hide his exhaustion.

It was Agnes and Frey, who had no luck in their search for a horse, all of them were either impaled by the town's guards or ran off in fear during the battle between the mages.

Agnes on the other hand looked like she was doing fine, she was carrying a sizeable bag, which hung over her shoulder, it was filled with rations the town's residents would no longer need.

She was munching on a slice of sweet bread when Frey could endure no longer and turned over to her with a pleading gaze.

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