Agnes and Frey were handed the reins of a horse, one of the priest's guards joined another to make room for them.

They travelled for several days, conversations between them were kept to the bare minimum.

Frey avoided Simerlin as best he could, the man gave him an eerie feeling whenever he looked at the priest.

Agnes had also been on edge for the last couple of days, waiting for that question Simerlin was going to ask her.

Naturally, she could simply lie to the man, if need be, however there was this thought at the back of her mind… what if he had a way to tell apart a truth from a lie?

The church was a bunch of people who believed in the gods, worshipped them, and acted in a way that would honour them, all while spreading their faith throughout the world.

According to public knowledge, all of the priests and higher ranked clergymen, as well as women, could use spells bestowed upon them by their gods.

Agnes only knew that Priest Simerlin could be considered a rank one mage, she had no clue what kind of spells he had within his repertoire, or how powerful they were.

Aside from that healing spell he used on Frey, at least.

Though lying to the priest and making an enemy out of him wasn't an immediate problem to Agnes, in a straight up fight she would likely decimate him along with his guards, but who knew how the church would react as a whole.

Priests were important people within the church, their influence much greater than that of any normal human, as they were considered to be chosen by the gods after receiving their first spell.

Agnes frowned at her thoughts, she wasn't going to create any problems for Lord Cykrus, just because of some question.

She was completely preoccupied by her thoughts, that she did not realise the towering walls they were closing in on.

Only through Frey's uneasy movement behind her did she return to reality.

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