The scene unfolded with a jolt as the screech of tires and the deafening crash assaulted his senses. His world spun, city lights blurring into a dizzying whirlwind. Pain surged through his body, sharp and consuming, as he was thrown to the unforgiving ground. Amidst the chaos, a heavy numbness settled over him.

Lying on the cold pavement, life ebbed away, his vision dimming as thoughts raced through the 21 years of his existence. Regret gnawed at him relentlessly. He'd squandered his life, achieved nothing substantial—lost in the endless reel of movies, shows, anime, and LitRPGs. It hit him hard in those final moments. Dreams abandoned, opportunities missed, all lost to the void of wasted time.

Just as darkness threatened to claim him entirely, a strange sensation washed over him—a pause in the universe. In that suspended moment, a voice, gentle yet commanding, echoed in his mind.

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