Rebirth Begins with Rejecting My Childhood Friend

Chapter 1: My Childhood Friend's Kiss

Alternative Name : 重生從拒絕青梅開始

Author : 山前月古


In June 2005, the toilet in the private room of the five-star hotel.

Xu Xiuwen looked around blankly, his eyes passing from the golden dragon-shaped faucet, golden revolving door handle, gold-rimmed toilet seat, golden wallpaper, and finally fixed on the mirror in front of him.

The person in the mirror has short hair, thick eyebrows, big eyes, a straight nose, a childish face but clear and energetic eyes.

This is my eighteen-year-old self!

Xu Xiuwen slowly looked away, and he was finally sure that he was reborn!

He was reincarnated back to the night after the college entrance examination in 2005 when he had a dinner.

Thinking about what happened in his previous life, he laughed hysterically, his voice rippled in the toilet, and he cried while laughing.

His mood gradually returned to calm, he washed his face, turned off the water faucet, turned around and walked out of the toilet.

In the private room, the bright lights were bright and dazzling, and there was an oversized wine table with dozens of people standing beside it.

As soon as Xu Xiuwen came out of the toilet, he saw Cao Yu and Xiao Youran facing each other, as well as a row of classmates watching the theater behind him.

Those familiar and immature faces further confirmed Xu Xiuwen's thoughts.

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