Rebirth Begins with Rejecting My Childhood Friend

Chapter 11: You don’t know how to cherish

Xiao Youran applied for Jinling Jiaotong University, why did Xu Xiuwen also apply for Jiaotong University?

With the scores at Jiaotong University, it was impossible for Xu Xiuwen to be admitted.

Did he not plan to be admitted at all?

Could it be that he did this on purpose so that he could repeat the year naturally?

Xiao Youran knew that Xu Xiuwen was a very face-loving boy. When he was a child, he often got into fights with other boys in the class over some face-related matters.

Xiao Youran had previously tactfully persuaded Xu Xiuwen to repeat the year, but she was strongly opposed by him, as if it was a great shame to repeat the year.

That's why Xiao Youran thought that if Xu Xiuwen confessed to her, she would ask him to repeat the year by agreeing to the confession. Only in this way would Xu Xiuwen agree.

But Xu Xiuwen didn't confess, and he was so cold recently, so Xiao Youran gave up at first.

She didn't expect him to repeat the year in this way.

Xiao Youran was very excited.

When she thinks of Xu Xiuwen repeating his studies and getting admitted to Jiaotong University next year, the two of them can be together openly without worrying about being opposed by her mother.

The grievances, depression and anger of these days disappeared instantly.

She was immersed in joy, smiling so hard that her eyebrows arched.

Xu Xiuwen accidentally caught a glimpse of Xiao Youran's expression. Based on his past understanding of Xiao Youran, and when he thought of the school he applied for, those who didn't know it would actually think it was the same school.

He was not the kind of character who insisted on ruining other people's moods when they were happy, but when facing Xiao Youran, he felt it was better to speak clearly.

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