Rebirth Begins with Rejecting My Childhood Friend

Chapter 13: New book tops gold list

In fact, even without his mother's request, Xu Xiuwen did not intend to continue to treat Xiao Youran indifferently.

When he saw Xiao Youran when he was reborn, he was really angry when he remembered what happened in the past, so his attitude was very bad.

Gradually calming down these days, he found that what he did was actually unnecessary.

After all, those things happened in the past life and have not happened in this life yet.

From Xiao Youran's perspective, she was indeed quite aggrieved. Her childhood sweetheart of eighteen years first forcibly kissed her, and then started to ignore her. It would probably be uncomfortable if it were his former self.

So Xu Xiuwen had already thought about it, forget about the temporary angry words of

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