Xiao Youran looked at his leaving figure and suddenly felt abandoned.

Looking at the empty dormitory, the helpless feeling of being abandoned surged into her heart, and her eyes immediately turned red.

Xiao Youran suddenly felt very homesick.

She wanted to call her mother, but felt embarrassed to do so.

Because in order to come to school with Xu Xiuwen today, she had said many times at home that she could take care of herself so that they didn't have to worry.

In the end, the call didn't go through.

Xiao Youran wiped away her tears and planned to pack her things and make the bed.

Just then, the bedroom door opened.

Xiao Youran thought it was a new roommate coming.

As a result, when the door opened, Xu Xiuwen, whom she thought had left, was standing outside the door.

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