Jiangling College and Jiaotong University are only across the street.

Exit the south gate of Jiaotong University and cross the road to the north gate of Jiangling College.

If Jiaotong University made Xu Xiuwen feel the magnificence of a university, then Jiangling College was on the other extreme.

The north gate of Jiangling College is extremely unimpressive, just like the gate of an ordinary school.

There are only concrete floors and buildings inside the school, and there are not many trees.

Xu Xiuwen was even thinking, where can he find a girl with long hair and a long skirt holding an English book?

It's better to have Jiaotong University.

The campus of Jiaotong University is very large and well planned. The gardens and lawns in Jiaotong University are exactly the same as those in the park.

It's not like Jiangling College. It's probably hard to find beautiful grassland.

Like Jiaotong University, there are seniors and sisters in front of the gate of Jiangling College to welcome new students. However, according to Xu Xiuwen's previous life experience, a large part of these seniors are there to sell cards.

He still remembered that when he first entered college in his previous life, he met a very enthusiastic senior who took him around the school and gave him a detailed introduction to the humanities and history of Jiaotong University.

He was still very moved at the time. If the senior hadn't dragged him to a place selling phone cards later, maybe the effect would have been better.

However, this kind of thing is originally voluntary between you and me, and there is no forced buying or selling.

If you think your senior is a nice person and speaks well, you can indeed apply for a phone card.

Anyway, four years of college can always be used.

Xu Xiuwen naturally did not need in this life, so when he saw a senior approaching, he waved his hand and refused.

After entering through the north gate of Jiangling College, Xu Xiuwen went straight to the square directly opposite the library.

The place where Jiangling College reports is arranged is in the square directly opposite the library.

Different departments in each college arranged a space, set up a retractable tent, set up two tables, and started to receive new students.

Xu Xiuwen found the software information major. There were not many people here, and there were only three or five people in line.

In addition to reporting and registering, the most important thing is to pay tuition.

Different from the tuition fees of 3,000 to 4,000 yuan in public universities, the tuition fees of third rate colleges like their are almost horrifyingly expensive. Paying more than 10,000 yuan is still not a small amount even after more than ten years, let alone now.

Xu Xiuwen noticed that when the parents in front of the queue paid the money, their faces felt a little painful.

Precisely because tuition fees are high, few parents feel comfortable letting their children come to school alone.

Xu Xiuwen is alone and there is not a very big suitcase. There are no extra bags. It is very conspicuous and even a bit unusual.

When it was time for him, Xu Xiuwen registered in an orderly manner, and finally took out more than 10,000 yuan from his pocket and handed it to the registered teacher.

The teacher in charge of registration is a male teacher in his fifties with a kind face. Perhaps because he did too much scientific research when he was young, he is now in his fifties and his hair is a bit white.

Seeing Xu Xiuwen alone and carrying so much money with him, the old teacher couldn't help but ask,

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