After introducing the bed on the left, it is the turn of the bed on the right.

The third bed on the right is Liu Zhihao, a typical northerner, tall, a little dark-skinned, with a rectangular face. His family is from the Liaoning Provincial Bureau.

When this guy introduced himself, he was a little shy, which was not like those familiar northerners.

The 2nd bed on the right and the last one in the dormitory is Jin Haonan, an authentic northerner from the Yan, Bian, and Korean ethnic groups. His Chinese name is Jin Haonan.

Jin Haonan was very sincere to people. He was the oldest and the best at taking care of others. Finally, he was recognized by the others and became the dormitory leader for four years in the university.

Jin Haonan himself said that some small things in the dormitory, such as cleaning the balcony, were left to him.

Xu Xiuwen relived his life and had a very indifferent view of roommate relationships. He had no interest in having a good relationship with his roommates like in his previous life. However, he has no intention of stalemate the relationship, so he keeps a low profile, participates when necessary, and tries not to make comments or opinions.

In short, there were six men in this room from all over the world, and Xu Xiuwen's college life began...

Wang Juncai, an old Beijing, brought his own computer, a desktop computer.

The whole afternoon, apart from stopping to introduce each other, the rest of the time was spent sitting there playing games.

Next to him, Shi Xiangming almost always stood watching him play the game.

Yang Baishan, the boy with a flat head on the bed opposite Xu Xiuwen, also likes to smoke, but his quality is not bad. Every time he smokes, he goes outside to the corridor or toilet to smoke. Unlike the old Beijing man, who treats the dormitory as his own home and smokes whenever he wants. Just smoke.

Because it was his first day in the dormitory, Xu Xiuwen, like everyone else, did not say anything to Wang Juncai in person.

It's not that he's afraid of Wang Juncai, the old man, but he doesn't want to be a bad guy himself.

So while going out for dinner, Xu Xiuwen secretly chatted with the dormitory leader Jin Haonan and said that smoking in the dormitory was not safe and was not good for the air.

He said that Jin Haonan was the dormitory leader and had to take the responsibility of managing the dormitory. He also said that he was from the north and the old Beijing man had to give him face no matter what. Jin Haonan drank a lot at that time, and his sense of responsibility was instantly overwhelming.

That night Jin Haonan went back and communicated with the old Beijing man.

Although he doesn't know how the two of them communicated, since then, the old Beijing man rarely smoked in the dormitory in front of everyone when everyone in the dormitory was there.

In the afternoon, since everyone was unfamiliar with each other and had nothing to say, they each did their own thing.

The boy with a flat head opposite to the bed had a restless temper. He ran out of the dormitory early and didn't know where he went, but he returned to the dormitory at four or five o'clock.

At about 5 o'clock in the afternoon, the dormitory leader Jin Haonan suddenly suggested that everyone have a meal together tonight, which would be regarded as a formal acquaintance.

It happened that everyone was fine, so no one objected, so they packed up and left the dormitory together at six o'clock.

Jinling in September is still a furnace. Even at night, the temperature is still not low.

After coming out of the dormitory, you can see the girls' dormitory after passing through two or three boys' dormitories.

Just as he was talking, several female college students in skirts walked towards him.

They didn't look like a freshman, because they had more or less makeup on their faces.

When Liu Zhihao saw it, he immediately said,

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