Xu Xiuwen immediately retracted his body.

After hearing the sound of two girls walking towards him, he quickly put down his things and turned around to leave.

He ran outside the shop in one breath, hid in the darkness, and then breathed a sigh of relief.

He stood in the darkness and stared silently at the door of the shop.

Not long after, he saw two girls walking out of the shop door.

One of the two girls was dressed plainly and kept her head down, making it difficult to see her face clearly. And the other girl was not only wearing revealing clothes, but her hair was also wavy!

At this time, very few college girls had perms, let alone wavy hair.

Of course, this was not the reason why Xu Xiuwen was shocked. The real reason was the girl's identity.

Shen Minyao!

Xu Xiuwen's second wife in his previous life.

It is also the name of the girl in front of him.

But Xu Xiuwen was not so sure.

Because when he met Shen Minyao in his previous life, she was nearly thirty years old. She had short, smart hair and wore a decent uniform. She was a gentle, elegant and professional woman with extraordinary temperament.

But this one?

The girl in front of him had heavy makeup, big waves, and a short halter top that directly exposed her belly. The clothes were very revealing, at least in 2005, they were very revealing clothes.

The image is completely different.

Xu Xiuwen couldn't be sure for a while whether the two people were the same person?

Maybe she is Shen Minyao's twin sister?

But then Xu Xiuwen shook off this idea.

He has been married to Shen Minyao for more than five years. He doesn't know much about her family situation, but he also knows that she has a biological sister, but no twin sister.

Therefore, the girl in front of him is undoubtedly his second wife Shen Minyao from his previous life!

After the initial shock and confusion, Xu Xiuwen found it very interesting again.

Unexpectedly, Shen Minyao had such a rebellious and unbearable past when she was in college.

Xu Xiuwen was happy to see his wife again after his rebirth, but he hesitated whether to get to know her again.

There were two reasons why Xu Xiuwen and Shen Minyao got married in their previous lives.

The first reason is that he had just experienced a failed marriage, so he was eager to start a new life.

The second reason was that Shen Minyao resigned and came to Jinling for him, which moved him very much.

He admitted that after several years of marriage, he had become more and more appreciative and approving of his wife, but he couldn't say how much he liked her.

He didn't know if other men would miss Bai Yueguang or his ex-girlfriend when they got married, but in fact, he still thought of Cheng Lu in his heart.

However, although Xu Xiuwen is a scumbag, he has never cheated, and he has never shied away from his responsibilities as a husband.

Their marriage, apart from not making much money, was generally very happy.

The reason for Xu Xiuwen's hesitation is simple.

Shen Minyao almost gave up everything, but the ending was not happy.

In the fifth year after their marriage, Xu Xiuwen was unemployed for a period of time.

During that time, Shen Minyao was under too much pressure and was exhausted physically and mentally. She later fell ill and died.

After the death of his wife in his previous life, Xu Xiuwen once thought that if he had it to do over again, he would not be with Shen Minyao.

Xu Xiuwen also thought about it seriously after his rebirth.

He has more responsibilities and obligations towards Shen Minyao, and there is very little love involved.

If Shen Minyao had to be with him to become happy, then Xu Xiuwen would continue the responsibilities and obligations of his previous life and make her live a better life in this life.

But that's not the case.

In her previous life, Shen Minyao entered Dalian Village right after graduation. She had an easy job and good remuneration.

She is extremely beautiful and has a gentle personality.

Based on her conditions, isn't being with him is an unwise decision?

She can easily find a local boy who really likes her and has a good family background to get married.

Even if she is not with him, Shen Minyao can still live a happy life.

And he can also pursue the white moonlight he missed in his previous life and satisfy his regrets in his previous life.

It's the best of both worlds.

Xu Xiuwen thought carefully for a long time, and finally decided to let it go.

Let his previous marriage with Shen Minyao disappear in this life.

This is also the reason why Xu Xiuwen hid as soon as he saw Shen Minyao.

He found it very interesting to see Shen Minyao again.

In his previous life when Xu Xiuwen met Shen Minyao for the first time, she was already a mature and sensible working woman. But now she is so lively, cute and individual.

In Xu Xiuwen's eyes.

In fact, her revealing clothes cannot be considered very revealing. It can only be said that they were not common in 2005 and would be considered conservative in more than ten years.

Coupled with the wavy hairstyle that was not very common in school in 2005, he felt that she had quite a personality and was quite cute.

There was something he found interesting.

In his previous life, Xu Xiuwen knew that Shen Minyao was from Dalian and went to college in Jinling.

But every time he asked her which school she went to after making love, she would always pretend to be stupid and refuse to say anything.

She was so anxious that she simply dragged Xu Xiuwen into another fight and blocked Xu Xiuwen's mouth with her beautiful body.

Xu Xiuwen shouted that he couldn't bear it, so he naturally didn't have the energy to ask about the university.

Unexpectedly, Shen Minyao was a student of Jiangling College, and was in the same class as him in this life.

He really doesn't know if it's good luck or bad luck.

He had decided not to provoke Shen Minyao in this life, so after seeing Shen Minyao and knowing that she was in the same school as him, Xu Xiuwen was a little worried at the beginning.

But he soon figured it out.

When they met in the previous life, they were almost thirty years old, but in this life they didn't know each other at all.

Even if they meet in school, Shen Minyao doesn't know about his past life and will only treat him as an ordinary classmate.

As long as he doesn't take the initiative to say it, there's no need to worry.

After thinking about this, Xu Xiuwen turned back to the store, bought the supplies he had just selected, and then returned to the dormitory.

Along the way, Xu Xiuwen was still sighing at the magic of fate.

He obviously wanted to forget Shen Minyao and never bother her again, but he didn't expect the two of them to meet so unexpectedly.

After returning to the dormitory, Xu Xiuwen was still thinking about Shen Minyao.

She is indeed a good wife.

But Xu Xiuwen had decided not to disturb her.

But thinking about his wife's goodness, and thinking about which man would take advantage of her in this life, Xu Xiuwen felt a little disappointed and unspeakably sad.

In the end, he fell asleep.

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