Xu Xiuwen didn't care who he shared the same table with.

But Xiao Youran didn't think so.

She obviously just wanted to sit with Xu Xiuwen.

Song Siyu and Wang Juncai obviously wanted to sit together.

Therefore, An Shishi hesitated.

Among several boys and two roommates, she chose Xiao Youran.

So in the end it became Song Siyu, Wang Juncai, and Jin Haonan at the same table.

In the middle are Shi Xiangming, Yang Baishan and Liu Zhihao.

Then there are Xu Xiuwen, Xiao Youran and An Shishi.

Xiao Youran obviously preferred to dine alone with Xu Xiuwen, but An Shishi chose to sit over, and she was too embarrassed to stop her.

When they were introduced outside the cafeteria just now, Xu Xiuwen simply said his name.

Xiao Youran didn't interrupt either.

There were only three of them now. Xiao Youran thought for a moment and said to An Shishi,

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