Xu Xiuwen also discovered that the overall quality of girls in the class was quite high.

When he first entered college, most girls didn't know how to wear makeup, but even so, he still saw a few girls with six or seven points of appearance. Of course, a perfect score would be ten points.

Xu Xiuwen believes that the 100-point scoring system is only suitable for those particularly beautiful girls.

Because the ten-point system is not delicate enough, for example, a girl with the same score of 7 may have a big gap. The hundred-point system can avoid this situation.

Xu Xiuwen looked at the girls very restrainedly. He was not like Yang Baishan and Liu Zhihao, whose eyes were so bright that it was scary.

Jin Haonan also told them twice, but since it had no effect, he stopped talking about it.

A group of men were looking hungrily at the girls in the class, secretly looking for prey.

At this time, several people suddenly walked in from the front door of the classroom, which immediately attracted the attention of all the boys.

Xu Xiuwen was also stunned when he saw the appearance of one of the girls!

Shen Minyao!

His second wife in his previous life.

She is also a fellow student in this field.

Xu Xiuwen felt unbelievable.

In fact, he didn't know Shen Minyao's major in his previous life. He asked several times, but she didn't tell him, so he stopped asking.

So Xu Xiuwen didn't know which school or major she was from.

If he had known, he would never have chosen the same major as her.

Seeing Shen Minyao entering the classroom, Xu Xiuwen had the urge to run away for a moment.

Fortunately, he restrained himself.

Since the two of them are from the same major, they must know each other and meet each other. There is no way to avoid them.

Xu Xiuwen hopes that day will be later.

All he could do was try to keep a low profile and not attract Shen Minyao's attention.

But Xu Xiuwen ignored his appearance.

His appearance has been enhanced by his clothes and hairstyle in this life. Especially Xu Xiuwen may not have noticed it himself. In this life, he exudes confidence from the inside out.

Boys like him are particularly conspicuous among a group of boys who have just entered college.

So Shen Minyao noticed him as soon as she entered the classroom.

More importantly, Shi Xiangming's shouted suddenly, caught him off guard.

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