Each department's military training venue is different. Software Information Engineering happens to be on the basketball court directly opposite the Xiyuan Canteen.

When Xu Xiuwen and four others arrived, more than half of the students had already arrived.

Xu Xiuwen and the four of them all put on their military training uniforms and shoes before going out. When they saw the large army, they walked over immediately.

Shi Xiangming's fiancée Bai Yue'er had already arrived at the gathering place, and all of their dormitories were already there.

Xu Xiuwen also noticed that Shen Minyao seemed to be looking around, looking for someone.

When she saw him, she immediately smiled, and then she was ready to come over, as if she wanted to say something to him.

Fortunately, the instructor's timely appearance helped Xu Xiuwen avoid the conversation.

The instructor in charge of them was a very young man, wearing the instructor's unique clothes and walking over with his head held high.

I won't comment on what the instructor looks like, but his expression is too serious. Anyone who sees him will have the first impression that this person is not easy to talk to.

Xu Xiuwen could only silently pray for his two roommates in his heart.

Because they had already looked at it just now, Shi Xiangming and Liu Zhihao were not here.

When the instructor showed up and saw how noisy they were, he shouted with a dark face,

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