Cheng Lu suddenly walked around Xu Xiuwen. She turned her head and glanced at Xu Xiuwen, and quickly made a series of gestures.

She pointed at herself first, then at the door, then at him, and then at the ground.

Cheng Lu didn't make a sound during the whole process, but immediately told Xu Xiuwen to understand what she meant.

She asked him to stay in the cubicle while she went out alone.

Xu Xiuwen's first reaction was to stop her!

You know, the middle-aged woman has a gun in her hands. Who knows when she will fire the gun?

But he couldn't stop Cheng Lu, because Cheng Lu going out alone was the most correct thing to do at the moment.

Cheng Lu didn't think too much. At this moment, she finally understood why this boy appeared in the women's restroom.

Although she didn't understand why the boy expected all this.

The decision to go out was the most dangerous decision Cheng Lu had ever made!

Of course she knew what kind of danger she would face when she went out.

But even when faced with danger, she remained calm.

She knew that if she didn't, both of them might be in danger.

When Cheng Lu walked out of the cubicle, she quietly closed the door of the cubicle.

In this way, unless the middle-aged woman comes over and opens the door with her hands, she will not be able to see what is going on inside even if she is standing outside the cubicle!

But who in the right mind would think that there are boys in the women's restroom?

The middle-aged woman relaxed when she saw the door of the last cubicle open and a female student walk out.

She pointed to the corner and said to the girls,

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