Rebirth Begins with Rejecting My Childhood Friend

Chapter 68: Tang Weiwei: Stop shouting

Zhong Zhu, who didn't come yesterday, finally came today and heard Xu Xiuwen playing and singing on the piano.

She is obviously Xu Xiuwen's senior, but she directly transforms into a fangirl.

After Xu Xiuwen finished practicing, Zhong Zhu also invited Xu Xiuwen to eat in the commercial street east of Jiaotong University.

Jiaotong University is located in a university town, and there are many universities around it. There are two snack streets attached to Jiaotong University, one is the south gate, which is the snack street outside the north gate of Jiangling University, and the other is the commercial street at the east gate.

Compared to South Gate, students at Jiaotong University generally prefer to go to East Gate. Not only because it is closer, but also because there is a large supermarket and shopping mall across the street from the East Gate.

Xu Xiuwen did not object to the senior sister becoming his fangirl, but he always refused the senior sister's invitations directly.

If Zhong Zhu had Jiang Yin's good looks, Xu Xiuwen might consider it, but only for a moment.

It was not too late when he returned to his dormitory from Jiaotong University, just half past seven.

Xu Xiuwen hasn't eaten yet, of course he did it on purpose.

Back in the dormitory, Shi Xiangming was also in the dormitory.

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