Xu Xiuwen shot at the middle-aged woman from the side like a cannonball.

Xu Xiuwen felt like he had hit a mountain of meat.

But he knocked over the meat mountain!

The middle-aged woman was knocked to the ground without any precautions.

The huge impact made her mind go blank and her whole body fell into a state of chaos.

The gun also slipped from her hands at this moment and fell to the ground.

Xu Xiuwen didn't have time to bend down and pick up the pistol on the ground. He quickly stepped on it, then kicked it backwards. While kicking the gun away, his punches rained down, and he hit the opponent instantly.

Xu Xiuwen was afraid that the middle-aged woman would resist, so he showed no mercy and threw an unknown number of punches in succession.

Finally, he heard someone behind him reminding him,

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