Rebirth Begins with Rejecting My Childhood Friend

Chapter 73: The New Year Party Begins

Xu Xiuwen didn't know anything about the website or the penguin group. He just sat quietly in front of the piano in the musical instrument room, playing, waiting for the party to start.

Before the party started, Xu Xiuwen also received text messages from all kinds of people.

There were text messages from Xiao Youran and Song Siyu, as well as text messages from his roommates.

The text messages from his roommates mainly told him that they had arrived at the auditorium and asked him to prepare well and they will watch him perform later.

In addition to these people, some female students from the Software and Information Engineering Department also sent him text messages. Everyone knew that he was going to perform on stage and they were all looking forward to it.

Tang Weiwei didn't send a text message because she didn't have a mobile phone, but Shen Minyao, who was in the same dormitory, sent him a text message.

Shen Minyao told him not to be nervous in the text message, saying that his last performance was wonderful and that as long as he showed his normal level, it would be enough.

Most of the others said they were looking forward to his performance. Only Shen Minyao was worried that he would be nervous when performing on stage and encouraged him.

This had to make Xu Xiuwen silent.

Shen Minyao, this beautiful Dalian girl, is a very gentle and considerate girl.

At six o'clock in the evening, the party is about to begin.

Xu Xiuwen also came from the musical instrument room to the dark places on both sides of the auditorium to watch the opening ceremony.

At six o'clock sharp, the entire auditorium first became dark.

With a crisp bang, the lights in the entire auditorium suddenly lit up.

Two teams of boys wearing military uniforms rushed out from both sides of the stage. Among them, the boy leading the team on the left was wearing a Chinese tunic suit, and his hair was combed like an older generation of martial artists.

As soon as both sides came on stage, several people held a brand new red flag in their hands. They shouted

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