Rebirth Begins with Rejecting My Childhood Friend

Chapter 77: Xu Xiuwen: I just want to be good friends with y

Xu Xiuwen saw that Tang Weiwei was really struggling, so he quietly put some pressure on his feet, which immediately relieved Tang Weiwei's burden.

The girl didn't seem to notice this and still walked quietly.

After returning to Jiangling College, while walking on a forest path, Xu Xiuwen suddenly pretended to be vomiting.

There happened to be a bench behind him.

Tang Weiwei quickly helped Xu Xiuwen to sit down on the recliner.

The girl stood next to Xu Xiuwen, stretching out her little hand to caress Xu Xiuwen's back, occasionally patting him lightly.

This reminded Xu Xiuwen of what his mother did after he fell ill as a child.

Tang Weiwei is indeed a good girl.

Who can resist being moved by such a good girl?

Xu Xiuwen sat on the bench and rested for a while, and suddenly began to murmur to himself,

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