Rebirth Begins with Rejecting My Childhood Friend

Chapter 81: I have a name, my name is Cheng Lu

Thinking of this, Xu Xiuwen quickly accepted the fact that Cheng Lu came to Jiaotong University two years in advance.

Knowing that Cheng Lu had come to Jiaotong University, Xu Xiuwen was more excited than he was surprised.

Bai Yueguang, unless there isn't.

It is impossible for any man who has Bai Yueguang in his heart not to care about Bai Yueguang.

After breakfast, Xu Xiuwen received a text message from Jin Haonan that the classroom had been found.

When Xu Xiuwen arrived, there were only five people in dormitory 412 in the empty classroom.

The classroom was filled with smoke.

Yang Baishan smoked a cigarette and couldn't help cursing,

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