Rebirth Begins with Rejecting My Childhood Friend

Chapter 10: Fill in the application form

At 8 o'clock in the evening, Ning Wanqiu finally got home from get off work.

Xu Xiuwen has already prepared food and is waiting.

Unless high school teachers are on duty for evening self-study, they can usually go home after school.

Ning Wanqiu is a very responsible teacher. Even if it is not her evening self-study, she will usually wait an extra hour or two in the office before leaving.

And to save money, she usually doesn't eat in the school cafeteria.

As soon as Ning Wanqiu entered the door and saw her son preparing food and waiting for her, she almost thought she had entered the wrong house.

After repeated inquiries, it was confirmed that the dish was cooked by Xu Xiuwen, and she was very surprised.

Xu Xiuwen was married for ten years in his previous life and had two wives. The second wife was virtuous and sensible, and took care of all the housework.

But the first wife didn't know anything after getting married. She basically relied on him to solve everything by himself. Cooking was forced out of her at that time.

Xu Xiuwen filled the rice and prepared the food. He pressed Ning Wanqiu in front of the dining table and urged,

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