The Solaris Hero In Another World

Chapter 1 - Haruki Hoshino

If you are nice to me, I'll be nice to you. If you pick a fight with me, I'll finish what you started.<

/em> It seemed like a fair way to live my life, but life is hardly fair.

My name is Haruki Hoshino. I'm seventeen years old and a second-year high school student. Also, I'm the loner in my class, but not for the reason you were probably expecting.

Break time in school was always the same. I was seated at the corner of the classroom by the window, staring at the sky. Meanwhile, the rest of the class divided themselves into their cliques to mingle.

Three girls gathered at a couple of tables in front of me, bathing in the sun by the window. They had blonde hair tied up in a ponytail with colourful scrunchies. They had a generous amount of makeup on their faces and bright manicures on their nails. The way they were dressed made me wonder if the school staff were blind or if they just didn't care. I could overhear them talking about how pretty their hair looked and the new massage spa they would like to try on the weekend. One of them twirled her blonde hair as she talked about her date with an older man the previous night. These girls were the Gals. All they ever talked about in class was fashion and how to keep their appearances up. Whatever. You do what you want to do.<


There were four guys at the back of the class. They had basketball jerseys underneath their uniforms. They were talking about the previous week's victorious basketball match. The basketball club's star player was spinning a basketball on his finger. If it wasn't obvious enough, these guys were the class athletes. Playing ball was all they seemed to excel in, they were probably hoping they could get into the national team one day. Good luck, I guess.<


On the other side of the classroom, four boys were seated together. A couple of them wore glasses, and their uniforms were neat and tidy. They each had a new issue of various trending mangas and were reading them together. One of them was talking about his newly acquired magical girl figurine. These guys were the otakus and they don't even try to hide that they're otakus. Stick to your hobbies, if that's what you want.<


The centre of the classroom consisted mainly of what I consider to be regular students. I mean, guys and girls that were about as ordinary as you could get. Students that don't stick out of the class nor do they have a real passion for anything as far as I know. The only thing they put their focus on was studying and getting acceptable grades.

At the front of the class, there was one more group of students; the popular crowd. There were three handsome-looking guys. The one in the middle was the bright star of our class; Hayate Yoshida. He had a swept-back brown hairstyle and a charming smile. On top of that, he was the top in our class in all subjects, making him the class representative. The other two guys beside him, I didn't bother to remember their names. I just called them Yes-Man One and Yes-Man Two.

It was no secret that almost every girl in our class admired Hayate. Among these girls, one stood out. She had long mahogany hair and a spunky expression on her face. This was Keika Tsukasa, and she was attached to Hayate's hip every time they were in the classroom.

Hayate Yoshida and Keika Tsukasa, the King and Queen of my class even though they weren't dating.

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