The Solaris Hero In Another World

Chapter 4 - The Virmalum Empire!

n the royal demon fortress of the Virmalum Empire, a feast was underway. There were sparkling chandeliers giving light to the hall with red banners showing the Virmalum sigil. There were four long tables in the banquet hall, each filled with appetising food on silver platters. Roasted chickens, grilled fish, and loaves of bread. There were no salads or fruits, however. For drinks, there was wine poured into glasses, ale into tankards, and cups of water for those too weak to hold their liquor.

Prince Hazug sat in the middle of the table reserved for himself. Hayate Yoshida was on his right and Mage Jaakobah was on his left.On another long table, the students were seated together. They were getting stares and sneers from the other two long tables where demon generals and goblin chieftains sat. The students could hear the demons and goblins talking about them, they were hardly subtle about it.

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