Playing the Madden NFL Mobile Game.

Madden Mobile Tricks

When you play s as the cornerbacks you can intercept the ball from the opponent by simply choosing to switch as the player who is running closest to the ball. This can be done by tapping the screen twice and the display will prompt your choice. In order for quarterbacks to through a pass, you can tap on the screen if you want the player to be a floater or a lob and you will have to hold the icon if you mean it for a bullet. Depending on the velocity at which you swipe, the intensity of the kick will also vary and the accuracy is determined by the direction of the swipe. All these factors club together to provide the gamer with a free, smooth and full experience. When you play Madden Mobile, you will be the decision maker and every move you make will affect the outcome of the game.

Modes and Features

As far as Modes and Features are concerned, there are only limited options in the Madden Mobile game. Most of your bidding will be done at the EA’s Ultimate Team where you will be using the players cards that you earn to play in a card-based collection mode. You can use gold to buy Pro packs of player cards. However, if you are short on gold, you can always use real life currency to purchase the in-game currency. However, this means that it is not possible to start playing with the stars of your favourite team. On the other side, if you are lucky, you could be the one to either pull their card or have enough gold to purchase them on the auction house. If neither works, you could always player with the uniform of your favourite team.

Playing the Game

The EA has the Ultimate Team intact as usual, but there are no signs of NFL team and with good reason too, since the Ultimate Team brings them more cash already. You can play against friends and rivals online or you could try the traditional way of playing the 16-game season. This way you can hope to reach the Super Bowl after successfully reaching the playoffs. If you are looking for more XP and gold, you can always try the training mini games that have been built exactly for that. But if you are looking for something fresh, then the weekly and daily challenges will keep you engaged and entertained every single day.

The only drawback amidst all this fun is stamina. Like every other game you play, stamina is the one thing that will hold you back when you are having too much fun. You will not be able to move forward in the game unless your stamina is replenished or refilled and you will be able to earn it once in every ten minutes. Similarly, when you start a new level, your stamina will also be refilled and you can start fresh. You could also use the madden mobile cheats to continue playing if you are not patient enough to wait.

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